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Engagement Pictures

Engagement Pictures

I’ve seen a few of the blogs I’m following link up to this today. I’ve been wanting to post our engagement pictures anyway, so this is a perfect opportunity!
Linking up with Just a Touch of Gray for the Ultimate Wedding Week!

Our engagement pictures were taken by one of my photographer friends. Before hand, she asked about our engagement story, so that she could think about how to integrate that in to the shoot. We got engaged after a picnic in the park, and that definitely shows through when you look at the pictures :)

Wow, picture overload! I think my favorite one is actually the very last one I posted.

If I could, I would have done a couple things differently:
1) I would have done these further into fall. The leaves had barely begun to change at this point.
2) I would have put more effort into outfit changes. I got sort of lazy and decided to just do 1 outfit and I really wish I hadn’t!

Oh well, there’s always first anniversary pictures! :)