2 Really Good Things

2 Really Good Things

1) So back in April, our mortgage payment never made it to our mortgage company (it “got lost in the mail,” they claim), and it basically resulted in this HUGE mess for us. That payment was late, by the time we could do anything about it, our May payment was late, fees were added on, our mortgage company treated us like garbage, etc. In the end, we ended up refinancing with a local company, and getting this Friends and Family deal cuz one of Gregg’s friends works there. We got a $500 “bonus” because of it, which we got in the mail last week. That SAME day, we get a check back from our old mortgage company, for a little over $2,000. We were SHOCKED. Gregg knew that he had paid ahead a couple months of our mortgage, but that still doesn’t add up to $2,000. We had no idea what this check was for, but it didn’t stop us from RUNNING to the bank that night, on what would have otherwise been a super lazy, stay-in kinda night. We quickly realized that with this money, we could both pay off our credit cards and put an extra $500 in our savings account. Let me tell you, we both used to be SO GOOD at keeping our credit cards paid off. But then our kitten needed to be fixed and declawed, I booked our Toronto trip on it, I needed new tires a few months ago, and yadda yadda yadda. You know how that goes. So paying these bad boys off felt FANTASTIC. This was on Tuesday…

2) Later that week, Gregg found us the perfect cruise that goes to the Greek islands. Let me back up here. I have been dying to go to Greece my entire life. When I first started college, my grandma (who is originally from there) promised me that when I graduated, she would take me to Greece. Unfortunately though, my very first semester some punk kids broke into her house and stole ALL her jewelry, and with it, safe boxes that held her passport, naturalization papers, etc. As I got closer to graduation, she began realizing what a nightmare and how expensive it would be to get a new passport, without naturalization papers. So in the end, I got a very large check from my grandma for graduation, but was unable to go on the trip I’d been dreaming about forever.

Year after year, something has come up that prevents me from going to Greece. We toyed with the idea of going for our honeymoon, but because of money/time, that didn’t happen. If we had been smarter about saving, we COULD have gone last year. This year is Gregg’s last year with his measly 10 vacation days, so we decided that 2014 was IT. No more waiting, just doing. We’ve been searching for the perfect trip and now finally found one. Leaving from Rome, it’s a 9 night cruise that hits Athens, Mykonos, Santorini, and more. Those are the 3 main places I want to see; everything else is just a bonus. We officially booked it last Thursday! :)

Last week I was in kind of a funk, due to a weird situation(s) at work, PMS, you name it. So even right after the last click on the Royal Caribbean website, I just kinda sat there! Gregg asked me if I was excited, and I was, but I literally COULD NOT process it, after the week I had. I kept telling him that yes I was excited, but that I just had a lot of feelings that week and simply couldn’t process it. End of day Friday though, I actually told a work friend about the trip, we told my parents that night, and by Saturday I was posting about it on Instagram. Because that’s what you do when you have big news lol.

LUCKILY my funk is looong gone, and even though it’s still hard to process the fact that I am FINALLY GOING TO GREECE, I’m getting more and more excited. I keep asking “Is this real life? Did we REALLY book that cruise or is this a dream?”